State To End All Terror

by Verdict Denied

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Fate gave its warning again Hope will not find its way Prayers ‘ answers won’t rise Gather those who dare their….supreme weapon… their mind First founding members were three Called leadership unrevealed To those who joined in time figure mystified…the three don’t miss to imply Pre-chorus: Disagreement he states officially does he act it or it’s real? Chorus: temple or society of friends…declared their name The path for freedom covered by a veil Rebellion’s chief architect …a figure well renown Officially appears denying his throne First out of three was a man His will was strong…not his heart And In the end claimed his life Resentments ..felt immense on the grand cause…not served right Felt that hope lies for all To an ally he called A northern force of the might Location where he thrives…the leader who’s still implied Pre-chorus: Words all spoken By whom follows the first Quest for freedom…quench his thirst Chorus: temple or society of friends …declared their name The path for freedom covered by a veil Rebellion’s chief architect …a figure well renown Officially appears denying his throne Break in D: Last but not the least mentioned themost handsome of all Dreadful..dark and unspeakable his torments early on Forced to change his name to seal the end to what’s just said Jackal in the mighty force’s language is now what he’s named Him they refer to… the three As leader unrevealed has a role undefined Never crossed the line to think the arms may apply As infamous as he was Inspired many of those Who joined this circle of pride therefore was implied his leadership un-denied Pre-chorus: Disagreement He states officially then his chessboard turns to see Chorus: temple or society of friends declared their name The path for freedom covered by a veil Rebellion’s chief architect a figure well reknown Officially appears denying his throne
Voices that never pray Legions that never bow Empty they seem their eyes Yet thundering force in lies Voices that never pray mourn for whom belongs to cross eagle seems to their eyes redemption upon him lies carried by four not properly mourned and women and children sing for him songs name forgotten by legions no never Hybris took place, their hands on him laid His body to pieces torn in dismay His head now is hanging to spread the fear Message spread to cause fear to us all Vicious tyrants power they show Secretly they are spreading web of lies A veil for those not meant to die Brotherhood of mind illuminate The path for those who stand no reign Dark avengers all declaring war To those, in chains they bind us all
We tend to think in ways you Cannot reach while you’re seeking truth We tend to do things you wished But second thoughts tell you, you shouldn’t A violent instinct, an honest goal Dark’s the path that leads us to fulfill our cause By indignation you tend to speak of acts you wish you were more brave to make them happen but hesitation rises PRE-CHORUS Avatars we’re meant to Be of yours to make true All those curses you prayed for CHORUS Named after the date the dream state fell State to end all terror to end terror states Screaming for vengeance Towards states declare war All terror states to end for once and for all We take it to a next level And make come true things you wished for What you’re missing in action Enter a secret lethal force They will denounce us They‘ll call us names A fine line what stands between Rebellion and blind hate On solid ground we place Upon our actions of revolt And always express causes That led us do the things you don’t You seem to feel the same way but have no guts to grab the gun We take it one step further All those you curse we’re aiming PRE-CHORUS CHORUS Solo by Anastasses Authorities will place us Alongside common criminals they’ll make sure to convince you our cause expresses you..not All of a sudden Our journey ends it seems as if in the first place they led us all the way Our steps were planned from square one In benefit of them we worked They set the board in a way We ended up being their winning pawns PRE-CHORUS (pawns) we’re meant to Be for them to make true All those nightmares that you feared of CHORUS Named after the date the dream state fell State to end all terror to end terror states Baptized as terror A shift immense The terror state to keep control till the end
Although the dream state fell Ruins remain but surely lies beneath new hope for better terms next step sacrifice not in vain Although the dream state fell New seeds to plant Something along the way Greatly misunderstood A path of doom In years to come took place a new establishment, hail Took on since then, hope And promised a new day Left hanging punishment instead Would haunt this troubled place While we were busy then Seeking revenge Among ghosts of the past All sides showed no respect to those Who gave their lives for us Corruption step by step Seemed to infest Took all over the state In key positions set Commissioners In rot they paved their way this new establishment, set Failed to bring hope and And ditched its promises failures and setbacks were made to appear as welcome results a common state Not common sense reality too far from grace time went by, 40 years behind us not a step forward we managed to make it seems like we missed the point on our part the legacy handed to us, we disgraced one massive figure spoke he spoke of our lost way words came out of his mouth the masses they enraged he spoke of immature beings pillaging this place he saw the fault in all parts but missed truths to say he never spoke of those big sharks who should be blamed but who more guilty than all us who let them reign Solo By Anastasses March or die, Dilemma hard, defined Don’t bite The hand that feeds you March or die, You failed to realise You sold Your soul in pieces Solo By Anastasses March or die They're choosing wrong or right Your vote It Makes no difference March or die No way out you will find Your fate For ages sealed now Promised hope New force is taking on The more They change the things the same they are Even if there There is a chance to change Don’t hold your breath Don’t hope to get away Live free or die Ancestors said one time Those words they should be your guide In ages dark Your principles should keep your heart Strong not to give up Live free or die Don’t Bow to survive Silence, tension Before annihilation
You all lay back saying That nothing will change this Peaceful state that you are in A statue, you made me By one move erased me Brave your hearts will always be Pre-chorus 1 The choice is mine behold A statue I am not I am nobody’s creation, not a puppet you control Through fire rage and anger By this path I’ll arise You’ll never see me coming, sharp teeth and nails to fight Pre-chorus 2 In rage, anger and war I despise all you people All be left of you is bones (x 2) Chorus A walking razorblade My touch cuts like a knife I’ll watch kill each other Can’t notice I am behind Once a puppeteer, now can’t control your life I pull the strings tight and I yell The last act’s always mine I won’t even bother Destroy each other I will watch from far away your deeds A smile now is shinning A shine cold and blinding Maybe then it’s time to see Pre-chorus 1 Pre-chorus 2 Chorus Through the raging fire Dominate, Dominate, Dominate, Dominate Through the raging fire Dominate, Dominate, Dominate, Dominate I am coming behold Joined the forces of old I erase, I erase All be left of you is bones
Hey you, bastard son fuck off and die No chance, chance to walk away, no way On the altar I built you’ll plead for life one knees We’ll meet again And then you‘ll wish that you were dead For every day you’re ignoring me The one will come that you’ll feel sorry and weak Once again, the way is payback and revenge Corrupted/civilized our state, I won’t feel sorry and that’s my state Pre-chorus Burst attack not in vain, payback I shall again Chorus Did you ever stood to think, what you’ve done to me? My eyes are blazing claiming back what you have taken from me When I recall the day, you scared my life Next time we meet and share more moments My fist will wait you strong tight Blow your, blow your mind on walls The blood will flow heads explode My twisted hunger grows Meaningless are your pleading fucking calls You turned from a peaceful man to animal But I won’t be the one to say Forgive them for they not know what they do Pre-chorus Chorus Can’t turn back, back face front Rope tighten to your throat Fortune lost, decent at once Game over, no last chance Daylight’s been denied hey Can’t you see? Your life is mine Pray not to the lord Made he’s not, not of cold You’ll feel me coming over you You’ll never see me A threat, a figure dark and cold Twisted and menacing my stare That’s all the warning There’s always calm before the storm Denying all moral values and all laws and orders I turn my head against the wall I know there is no way to pass or way to break it I won’t stop trying to smash ’em all I feed my energy from dreams I can’t Manage to give flesh and bring them back to life I spread my message through a violent sound Superior and marginal, I shake the ground


This is EP contains 4 brand new songs and two tracks from the Condamned CD in different form. The track "The Last Act" is re-recorded by the current line up and the track "Twisted And Menacing My Stare" is included here as bonus track with different mix and Edit from the official.


released October 7, 2015

produced by Verdict Denied
Mixed and Mastered by Dimitris Karpoyzas at Lizard Sound Studios


all rights reserved



Verdict Denied Athens, Greece

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